Education for the 21st Century

Our focus on learning across the different levels of schooling ensures we deliver the best education to equip students for the 21st Century.

Our dynamic curriculum is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it is always current and relevant to the learning needs of our students. We place an emphasis on the process of learning and learning from feedback so students are well equipped to take the next challenge in their learning.

Our students have access to the latest technology and we have had a one-to-one notebook program at the School for many years. eLearning is integrated into the curriculum and is used to enhance learning at every level. We encourage responsible online behaviour through education, seminars and our own cyber safety website which helps to educate parents as well as students. 

Learning at Every Stage


From Prep to Year 6 teachers at both Primary Campuses of Ivanhoe Grammar School work together to develop a creative, cohesive and sequential program that reflects current research of how children best learn.

Our teachers have strong professional knowledge with classroom programs differentiated to cater for individual needs. Students enjoy the challenge of learning and love to learn.

There is also a strong emphasis on the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.

Middle Years

The Middle Years at Ivanhoe Grammar School is an exciting, innovative and vibrant environment and recognises that young adolescents have needs and interests that are unique to their stage of development.

The curriculum in the Middle Years is collaborative and we actively seek to engage students in learning. We have a differentiated curriculum to suit many different learning styles and interests and we incorporate innovative technology including blended learning and flipped learning so students can explore and develop their own learning styles.

Research skills and sound study habits are encouraged and developed and contemporary and world issues are explored.

The Year 9 Program, a World of Experiences, seeks to inspire students and encourage them to stay engaged in learning through a diverse range of experiences outside the classroom, including study at La Trobe University, an urban history unit and a financial literacy unit. Students can choose to participate in an international journey or at The Ridgeway Campus participate in arts based programs as well.

Senior Years

Our Senior Years curriculum builds on approaches to learning developed in the Middle Years and encourages all students to develop enquiring minds. Students are guided towards independent and self-directed learning and subjects are offered to inspire a sense of curiosity and to encourage a love of the subject. The three-years Senior Years Program allows students to tailor a program to meet their needs for current learning and future work or study pathways. From Year 10, students study core subjects and can choose from a range of elective subjects and VCE subjects.

21st Century Skills

Our approach at Ivanhoe Grammar School is to promote core skills across the curriculum

Ways of Thinking

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making are all core skills that are promoted across all facets of the curriculum.

Creativity is promoted through the flourishing Performing Art areas, where students can be involved as performers, technical crews or in the orchestra, in the Visual Art areas where self-expression and creativity is encouraged and in Music where all students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and perform in an extensive range of ensembles.

Critical Thinking is encouraged at all classroom levels, ensuring students learn to think critically and understand local and international issues and complex ideas.

Problem Solving is promoted across all facets of the curriculum, from solving a structural problem when creating a design product to working out alternative ways to tackle complex problems.

The subject Faith, Ethics and Attitudes provides a platform for students to be continually challenged as they explore who they are, what they believe and how they fit into the world.

Ways of Working

There are many opportunities for students to collaborate with fellow students locally and around the world to encourage excellent communication skills.

Skills for Living

Our comprehensive co-curricular program including Outdoor Education, Sport and Health and PE helps promote a lifelong participation in physical activity.

Our Life Matters program equips students with skills to cope with society today and our emphasis on service throughout the School means students are encouraged to think and act on behalf of their local and international communities.