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Ivanhoe Grammar School Alumni

Graduating from high school is often the first of many major educational milestones in a person’s life. There is undoubtedly a sense of pride and achievement, but there can also be a feeling of loss for those going from the comfort and support of a school community into the big, wide world. For many students, the end of their school education is the end of their sense of belonging and they can feel incredibly alone and isolated. This is thankfully not the case for Ivanhoe graduates, who have numerous ways to keep connected and continue contributing to their school community...

One hundred years, four principals

How many principals would you expect a school to have in 100 years? 10? 15? 20? It is astonishing to think that just four leaders have been at the helm of Ivanhoe Grammar School in a century. Not many schools could claim such a stable and successful leadership history and it is apparent that the reign of each principal contributed significantly to the development of the impressive school that exists today...read more 

Alexia Petsinis: From high school scholar to high fashion illustrator and writer

Parents considering prospective schools often say they want somewhere that will give their child a well-rounded experience. Ivanhoe Grammar School alumna Alexia Petsinis (2011 graduate) is the flourishing success story of just this. Blending a flair for creative illustrations with sharp writing skills and an eye for innovative design, only four years since leaving Ivanhoe Alexia has already covered a Paris Fashion Week and been commissioned to illustrate for major fashion brands...read more


Local or global, it’s all about giving back

Community lies at the heart of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Whether it be at the school, local, national or international level, you will find Ivanhoe students making a positive contribution to their community. In light of increased globalisation, and with the notion of community in mind, Ivanhoe Grammar School Principal Roderick Fraser has overseen the development of a more international perspective for the school, facilitating the involvement of Ivanhoe students in a variety of networks and events at both a global and local level, with the key objective of  giving back to the community and improving the plight of others...read more

A Premier Education

The Honourable John Brumby, Ivanhoe Grammar School student 1956 – 1962. A glimpse into the institution that is Ivanhoe Grammar School, also offers a glimpse into the life trajectory of one of Victoria’s most prominent citizens - former Premier, John Brumby...read more

Innovative learning at Ivanhoe Grammar School

There is nothing ordinary about an Ivanhoe Grammar School education. Ivanhoe distinguishes itself by continuing to innovate and stay at the forefront of educational advancements. Ivanhoe students have something that many others don’t when it comes to their education: choice. The school offers both the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to senior students...read more

Ivanhoe Grammar School graduates shaping medicine in Australia

For many professions the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed starts in the formative years at school. Ivanhoe Grammar has a long history of fostering pupils who go on to work in high-end professions including the prestigious calling of medicine...read more

The Girls of Ivanhoe

One quality that all Ivanhoe Grammar girls share is their ability to make their mark on the world. When Ivanhoe Grammar opened in 1915 as St James Church of England Grammar School for Boys with just 14 students, who could have predicted that 100 years later it would have expanded to three campuses with over 2000 students? Even more astonishing- who would have thought that more than a third of the enrolment would be girls...read more

Forging ahead: 10 Outstanding graduates from the past 10 years

At Ivanhoe Grammar School, what we teach in the classroom stretches beyond the specific lesson of that day. Receiving an education with us is about laying a foundation for our students to take with them as they move into the professional world...read more

Great sporting achievements from Ivanhoe Grammar School

When many members of the community think of Ivanhoe they think of sport. Indeed, Ivanhoe's reputation as a first-rate sporting institution is well-deserved...read more