The wellbeing of our students is at the core of everything we do, and every decision we make at University Campus. 

We want all our students to have the opportunity to connect, succeed and flourish at school and beyond. We support your children to be the best they can be by:

• promoting a ‘growth mindset’: academic and personal tenacity and persistence

• developing an understanding of character strengths and using these to solve problems

• encouraging realistic optimism and resilience

• building positive relationships through positive communication

• encouraging expressions of appreciation and gratitude

• developing an understanding of the power of stillness and mindfulness.

It has long been understood that personal and social education are a central part of learning at school. Students who feel good about themselves and who are excited and stimulated by the learning environment they are in, are more likely to be students who are ready and willing to learn. Our House Program plays an integral role supporting the philosophy of educating the whole child and developing Ivanhoe Learners to be young people of character who are courageous, reflective, innovative, collaborative, balanced, ethical and compassionate individuals. 

Our House Program provides opportunities for students to form supportive relationships with peers and teachers, build interpersonal skills, develop higher self-esteem and a sense of belonging, increase their contribution to the School Community, improve school engagement and academic outcomes, develop leadership opportunities (including cross-age mentoring), develop emotional intelligence, intuition and team building skills, and create social opportunities and bonds.