Senior Years

A wide variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities

During Years 10 to 12 there is a wide variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities to engage and motivate every student.

All students are known personally and are encouraged to achieve their best and to take on the many challenges and opportunities offered at the School.

The Three Years Senior Studies Program enables students to prepare for the challenges of the VCE or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) over three years rather than two.

Students can tailor a course of study that not only interests them but is consistent with their abilities. Some students accelerate this by studying up to two VCE subjects in Year 11 and then opening up the possibility of studying a University Extension study in Year 12, while others work at a measured pace that better suits their learning needs.

Heads of House, together with other School support staff, including Counsellors, Special Needs and Career Guidance staff ensure that students are well supported and cared for while at School.