Middle Years

The Middle Years at Ivanhoe Grammar School recognises that young adolescents, typically aged between 12 and 15 years of age, have needs and interests that are unique to their stage of development and which need to be addressed in a specific way.


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Our Middle Years program has been developed to ensure a seamless continuum of curriculum and pastoral experiences for students that are gradual and progressive from Middle Years through to Senior Years.

These are years full of wonder and energy, when both boys and girls are keen to find out more about themselves and what they can do.  The welcoming, secure environment and community of Ivanhoe Grammar School will promote self-confidence, independence, self-responsibility and self-expression for our students.

Young people need support and encouragement during the Middle Years. This is put into practice in the Middle Years through a caring, but disciplined Wellbeing environment designed to make students feel safe and confident to develop their potential.

Ivanhoe Grammar School strives to foster an environment based on harmonious working relationships, responsibility and mutual respect while endeavouring to excite and stimulate students towards the notion of life-long learning and dealing with change.

Transition to Year 7

A tremendous amount of energy goes into the beginning of the school year. We want to give new students the best possible foundation to help them make their entry to Middle Years a happy, successful, and productive experience. 

The orientation program in the first week is the students’ first opportunity to get to know staff and other students, and to begin to make the connections that are crucial to their success in Middle Years.

It helps to build community, to prepare students for the year ahead, and to celebrate the fact that we are here together, ready to begin the important work of teaching and learning. 

A variety of activities incorporated into the program focus on helping students to get to know one another, developing trust and a sense of class identity.

Prior to student entering Year 7 at The Ridgeway Campus, every student has an opportunity to meet with our Transition Administrator. The Transition Administrator can be contacted at transition@ivanhoe.com.au.

By meeting like this we can find out a little about each student individually and they can find out a little about what to expect at Ivanhoe Grammar School.