Caring for our Primary Students

At Plenty Primary, our students are part of a thriving community. They learn in an enjoyable and stimulating environment that encourages them to become life-long learners.


Small class sizes allow students to receive the attention that they need to thrive and prosper in their development. We celebrate 'the process' of learning and the value of effort in all areas of learning and development. A growth mindset underpins all areas of education.

A core belief is the idea of educating all areas of the child, a holistic education. Our co-educational program combines rigorous academic endeavour and co-curricular challenges. We give our students a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, setting them up for their further education and life.

We value every student and believe that all students have the potential to be leaders. Students take part in leadership activities to build confidence, self-esteem and character.

Moreover, students get involved in service projects and give back to the community by fundraising for Young Round Square projects.