Middle Years

Providing a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary School

Our aim during the Middle Years of Secondary School (Years 7 to 9) is to provide an education that is responsive and appropriate to the developmental needs of young adolescents. Our curriculum is grounded in rigorous, academic standards relevant to the concerns of adolescents and based on how students learn best.

Our small learning communities and class sizes ensure all students are successful. There is a cooperative and collaborative approach to learning that promotes critical thinking, problem solving and higher order thinking.

Strong student and teacher relationships ensure students receive individual attention at all times.

Transition to Year 7

The move to secondary school is an exciting time where students look forward to new friendships, new adventures and greater independence. Plenty Campus helps students transition to secondary school by organising a comprehensive range of enjoyable activities, to enable them to familiarise themselves with their new school.

The student's Mentor and Level Manager play a pivotal role in the partnership between family, student and school. They ensure students and families are known personally to the school, and provide every level of care and support possible. Big Sisters and Big Brothers (Year 11 students) mentor Year 7 students adding another layer of care.