Early Learning Centre


In 2013 our Early Learning Centre (ELC) received the highest possible rating in a national assessment by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The ELC was rated as 'Exceeding National Quality Standard' and was praised for the "high level of educational programming and practice with children and educators that contributed to a warm and stimulating learning environment for children." Find out more about what makes our ELC so special:

Fun, Supportive, Stimulating

The Early Learning Centre at Buckley House caters for three, four and five year old children and provides a smooth and exciting transition from home to school. Our caring staff work with you and your child to ensure the early years are a positive and happy experience for everyone involved.

Situated within a separate facility within the grounds of Buckley House, the bright rooms and well-equipped play areas provide a safe and welcoming environment for young children. There is also access to other Buckley House resources providing wonderful facilities for music, physical education, French, Library, Science and support services.        

Individual Attention

Our play based program allows children to investigate, think, challenge, imagine and build on their understandings. This flexible program, with its experienced staff, ensures that every child receives individual attention, and everyone is celebrated as an individual at their own stage of development. We encourage the involvement of all children in a range of experiences as they develop their skills and knowledge. The program promotes a smooth transition to school.

Fun and Challenging

The program draws inspiration from many philosophies in early childhood education, including Reggio Emilia, where each child is actively engaged in exploring, thinking, creating and communicating. This approach extends children’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the world and helps to develop their skills and attitudes. Our early childhood educators are guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework which values the early years as a time to experience belonging, being and becoming.

All aspects of a child’s development are supported including social, emotional, creative, physical, language and intellectual needs.  

The Program

The Early Learning Centre (ELC), welcomes enrolments of three and four-year-old girls and boys. Children should turn three before the beginning of the school year in ELC 3 and four by the end of April in their ELC 4 year.

The three-year-old program consists of three mornings a week from 8.30am till 12 noon or three full days from 8.30am till 3.00pm. As children move to the four-year-old group, there is an option of three or four full days from 8.30am till 3.00pm