Teaching and Learning

Providing a strong foundation for life

Literacy and Numeracy

Students are provided with a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy that will help them throughout their education and their life.

Teachers facilitate innovative and engaging English programs where children learn to use and enjoy language as a powerful way of communicating. Students are explicitly taught the skills and strategies for reading, writing and oral language in individual programs and routines.

Spelling, handwriting and grammar are important as children learn the craft of writing. Developing each child's skills, strategies and confidence in each area of language is a focus for teaching.

Teachers place an emphasis on developing in children a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards Mathematics. They instil in students an understanding of what it means to work mathematically, using examples relevant to real life situations. They utilise a wide range of teaching styles to develop thinking, reasoning, problem solving and communication skills so students genuinely understand Mathematics.

Technology is used effectively throughout the Primary Years, to enhance teaching and learning programs. This includes banks of iPads from Prep to Year 4 and a one-to-one program in Years 5 and 6.

There is close monitoring of each child’s development to ensure progress is taking place. Consistent reporting through the Primary Years with parents able to view evidence of their child's progress is a priority.

Inquiry Learning

At Buckley House, a strong focus is placed on inquiry learning to develop in students the confidence to learn independently. Teachers explicitly teach inquiry skills and strategies that help students to learn how to gather, organise and present information and develop information literacy skills.

Inquiry learning involves children exploring their biological, physical and social world through Science, Social Education, History, Geography, Personal Development, Health and Environmental Education.


Buckley House is home to the Innovation Centre, a unique stand-alone Science and Year 5 and 6 facility with its own specialist Science teacher. The Vivarium contained within the Science classroom allows students to study habitats and the adaptations of animals such as green tree frogs, blue tongue lizards, bearded dragons and long necked turtles. The facility is well equipped to cater for all disciplines of scientific learning and encourages children to develop a passion for understanding their world. It helps harness their natural curiosity and spark their imaginations.