Buckley House

Discover what makes Buckley House unique

Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Ivanhoe, caters for students aged 3 to 4.
Buckley House caters for ELC and Foundation to Year 6.

At Buckley House, our students are part of a thriving community and are taught in a fun and stimulating environment that encourages them to become life-long learners.

Students are given the attention they need to thrive and prosper and we celebrate achievement, rewarding our students for their accomplishments.

Our co-educational program combines rigorous academic endeavour and co-curricular challenges and we give our students a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, setting them up for their further education and life.

Buckley House has contemporary facilities, housed in leafy surrounds, such as a fully equipped Science Centre; a Primary Library, which harnesses the latest technology; a Dance studio and state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

We value every student and believe that all students have the potential to be leaders, so students take part in leadership activities to build confidence, self-esteem and character.

Moreover, students get involved in service projects and give back to the community by visiting care homes and fund raising for charities.