Our Community

Ivanhoe Grammar School is grateful to be a part of our local communities in Ivanhoe, Doreen and Macleod. We value the mutual contribution made to the areas in which we live and operate – by our school community, local residents and businesses. We have worked in partnership with our local communities for almost 100 years and are committed to strengthening these relationships.

The School is committed to working to continually improve the opportunities available to students and is proud of the quality of education it delivers. In order to achieve this, some physical change to the School environment is required and this will be achieved through the delivery of the School’s Masterplan. The wellbeing and safety of residents, children, parents and staff have always been, and remains, paramount.


Term Dates

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Upcoming Events

Some events at the School may impact traffic and parking in the streets surrounding the School. Click here to view the Community Event Schedule.