About Melbourne


Welcome to Melbourne – the capital city of Victoria.

Ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne is the home, workplace and leisure centre of one of the world's most harmonious and culturally diverse communities. It is a leading education destination for international students.

Melburnians love the city's vibrant energy, restaurants, fashion boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, spacious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own special character. Melbourne is a young city and as such it never sits still. Modern, cutting-edge designs add to the fascinating mix of heritage architecture and ensure the skyline is constantly changing.

Melbourne and its inhabitants are said to be sports mad. We can’t get enough sport; we play it, we watch it, we love it. Australian Rules Football, Cricket and Basketball are some of the games that you will see. Watching a game of Australian Rules Football with up to 100,000 other spectators is an experience that you must not miss. In your first week in Melbourne you will be required to choose a football team to support as those you meet will often ask you, “What team do you barrack for?”

For more information on events, dining, shopping and much more in Melbourne, go to the following website for everything to see and do in the city.

www.visitmelbourne.com and/or www.thatsmelbourne.com.au



The following information and resources will help you make the most of your time in Melbourne


Visit the website below to read about what to expect at the border and what you can bring into Australia.



Airport pickups are arranged with your Homestay Provider, unless you have a pre-arranged pick up which has been approved by the School. Your homestay provider will send you the details about your pick up. Please follow the link below for details about the Melbourne Airport.



All international students are expected to have a mobile phone in Australia and are required to advise the School of their number as soon as available.


Australia’s electricity voltage for domestic use is AC 240 volts and we use a distinctive three pronged pin. Adaptors can be bought at the airport or at hardware stores.


Banks are open from approximately 9.30am till 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and until 5.00pm on Friday. Some banks also open on Saturday mornings. You will find branches of all major Australian banks in the main shopping centre near the School. ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) are available 24 hours a day and can be accessed via your ATM Card. Your Designated Carer will help you open an account.


There are several options available for travel around Melbourne. Myki is Melbourne’s ticket to travel on the city’s trains, trams and buses. Visit the website below to find out about purchasing a Myki Card or download the app.



Melbourne’s weather can vary greatly and it is often said that you can experience four seasons in one day. In the summer months (December-February) temperatures can range from 15 to 40 degrees Celsius. Hot days are usually bearable because the heat is dry rather than humid. In winter (June-August) temperatures can range from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius with the nights as low as 3. You can get a 7 day forecast by visiting the Bureau of Meteorology website or download the app bom.gov.au


Unlock all that Melbourne has to offer! Created by Study Melbourne, a Victorian Government initiative, and it was designed specifically for international students arriving in Melbourne. Complete daily tasks, unlock information about the world’s most liveable city and soon you’ll be living like a local! Search for it in the App Store or Google Play or visit the website below for more information.



The City of Melbourne invites you to visit the Student Welcome Desk when you arrive at Melbourne Airport. The friendly staff speak a range of languages other than English and can answer your questions and give you your free Student Welcome Pack.

You can visit the City of Melbourne website for more information.