Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the FAQs, please contact the Admissions Office on (03) 9490 3892 or enrol@ivanhoe.com.au 

We hear that Ivanhoe Grammar School is ‘open entry’. What does this mean?

Open entry means we do not conduct an entrance exam prior to accepting students. Our enrolment policy revolves around making siblings a priority along with those applicants who have a mother, father or grandfather who attended Ivanhoe Grammar School. Remaining places are then allocated based on when the applications were received by the School. 

Ivanhoe Grammar School is located on two sites, The Ivanhoe Campus and the Plenty Campus. How do these campuses differ?

The Ivanhoe Campus is comprised of Buckley House for primary students and The Ridgeway Campus for secondary students. Buckley House has approximately 390 students from Early Learning to Year 6 and The Ridgeway Campus has approximately 1100 students from Years 7 to 12. Plenty Campus has approximately 480 students from Foundation to Year 12. The Ridgeway Campus offers both the International Baccalaureate and VCE in Years 11 and 12, while Plenty Campus offers only VCE. Because of the broad range of subjects offered at both campuses, Plenty Campus generally has small class sizes in the Senior Years of 10 to 12, which has been enhanced greatly with the addition of the new Senior Centre, 'The Round'. This outstanding building has been designed to signify the importance and focus of the senior years as students transition to Tertiary education.

How are students beginning school in Foundation looked after?

Students who are entering their Foundation year undergo a short Orientation Program. This program allows students to meet their teachers and peers and become familiar with their new surrounds. Students are supported pastorally by Primary teaching staff as well as their Year 5 or 6 Buddy who can assist them with the many aspects of their school experience. Staff work closely with families during this important first year of school, effectively establishing a strong partnership between the School and home.

How does the School look after students entering into Year 7? 

We believe that we have a most comprehensive six-stage transition plan for students entering into Year 7, that takes into consideration those who might be moving by themselves from their primary school or moving across with a group of friends. Our enrolment interviews, transition interviews, primary school visits, standardised testing morning, orientation morning and ‘first day of school’ experience all assist students in becoming very familiar with the campus and the teachers in charge, prior to the commencement of the school year. Year 7 Camp takes place early in the year and provides a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to connect outside the classroom and build on relationships that have already been formed.

What is the gender balance within the year levels?

2018 is shaping up to be one of the most significant years since the School embarked on its coeducational pathway.  It is anticipated that Year 7 2018 will have full classes of boys and girls, with projections indicating that Middle Years will enjoy a 50 / 50 gender balance by 2020. Such is the interest in our Year 7 entry point, that waitlist are now accumulating for both girls and boys looking for entry into 2019 and beyond. In addition, Buckley House (ELC – Year 6) currently sits at a gender balance or 57% boys and 43% girls, with these figures to strengthen even further toward an equal gender balance in 2018. Our Plenty Campus (Foundation – Year 12) has also seen significant trends towards gender equality, with the current 2017 figures standing at 52% boys and 43% girls.

What programs are in place to cater for the needs of students who might need support or extension?

Students who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning are supported through the learning assistance program, entitled Curriculum Support. In working collaboratively with classroom teachers and parents, Curriculum Support provides assistance through team teaching, withdrawal of students for instruction, and monitoring of progress, specific support with numeracy and literacy, organisation and other programs. Extension students are mentored and follow individual programs.They are involved in extension programs and participate in a variety of activities for groups and individuals. Such enrichment and extension activities include: Chess Club, the Da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of the Minds.

Many schools have special Year 9 programs for students. Does Ivanhoe Grammar School have anything in place?

Ivanhoe Grammar School has an innovative and unique Year 9 Program providing our students with a ‘World of Experiences’. Three times during the year all formal classes cease and students have the choice of undertaking a number of experiential programs for a two week block that take place out of the classroom. These include time spent at Latrobe University, a city experience, an entrepreneurial unit and a strong artistic component. They are challenging and engaging and allow the students to learn in real-world situations, often dealing with adults other than teachers. Students also get the opportunity to participate in one of four International Experiences providing them with the chance of being immersed in a different culture and participating in a service component.

Are students required to play sport for the School?

It is a requirement that all secondary students participate in our interschool sports program (summer season – 10 weeks, winter season – 10 weeks) which is held on Saturday mornings. Our Year 7 students are involved in their chosen  team sport from Week 1 which provides an excellent opportunity for them to get to know students with whom they have something in common. We make every effort to ensure students are comfortable with the level at which they are playing and that the experience is an enjoyable one.

Are the tuition fees at Ivanhoe Grammar School comparable to similar independent schools?

Over the past seven years, the School has been able to successively reduce the rate of increase each year which has insured that the School has maintained its competitive edge, in terms of tuition fees over the high percentage of independent schools. The Ivanhoe Grammar School Board is committed to keep any fee increase to an absolute minimum as the Board acknowledges the sacrifices that many families make to provide their children with an Ivanhoe Education.