University Campus

For over ten years, the Year 9 Program at Ivanhoe Grammar School has featured learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. Our University Campus takes this program a step further by re-imagining the classroom altogether with a hybrid, year-long university experience which will hopefully inspire in our students a life-long relationship with inquiry-based learning.

Our Program

Our Year 9 Program is designed to develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, time management, decision making and other life skills that they will carry with them into the Senior Years and beyond. This is achieved through a mixture of core curriculum, inquiry-based units, international trips, co-curricular activities and service learning. 

Over the course of the year, students are exposed to the kind of big ideas you would expect to find in a university environment. Based at a separate campus, students have access to a number of La Trobe University facilities and La Trobe academics contribute to students’ studies through a joint educational program. Students have the opportunity to reach out to academics in their field of interest and pursue lines of study previously unavailable to them.

At University Campus we encourage students to learn by experience, become independent learners, interact with adults other than teachers, increase their cultural understanding and become contributing citizens of their community.

Academic choices

Students study a set core of subjects and two Art Electives which best suit their learning needs and area of interest. All students study English, Mathematics, Science, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Inquiry-based units. Building on our Year 7 and 8 studies, they have a choice of languages from Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish*.

Art is a fundamental means of expression and communication in all societies. Through Art we gain a sense of our social and individual identity. Our Art electives at University Campus include the choice of two of the following: Drama, Media, Art, Music, Product Design and Technology, Visual Communication and Design.

* currently, Spanish is not an option for students returning to Plenty Campus at the end of Year 9.

Co-curricular choices

There are many co-curricular opportunities that you can be involved at University Campus including private instrumental music tuition, music ensembles, choirs, debating, theatre and sport.

We have a diverse sporting program at Ivanhoe Grammar School catering for individual differences. The School plays a majority of its sport in the AGSV competition and we share common fixtures with the APS for girls/boys fixtures. Both are long established school sporting associations that place an emphasis on athletic achievement, friendly rivalry and being part of a team. 

Global Citizenship learning choices

Our Global Citizenship program, in line with the aims of our Global Citizenship Centre, is an intercultural and service learning program based on the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals. It is designed to educate aspiring global citizens and enhance their confidence and collaborative skills to make a difference in the world at a local, national and global level.

Students have a choice of at least 12 programs, some international and others local. Local activities include Life Skills, Indigenous Project, Springthorpe Retirement Village, Rotary Club project, Soup Kitchen, Environmental project and working with the charity Big Group Hug. 

Global citizenship learning opportunities which take students beyond Melbourne include the option of either international trips to Thailand, Laos, Western China or India; or an Australian cultural service trip to Currumbin/Barambah and Stradbroke Island in Queensland. These trips provide students with an eye-opening cultural experience and the opportunity to contribute to these communities during their visit and on an ongoing basis in years to come.

Service choices

Service to our community lies at the heart of Ivanhoe Grammar School and one of our key focuses is to recognise and respect the challenges faced by many people in Australia and around the world. 

We prepare our students to become valuable and honourable members of our community by immersing them in real-world activities through our Cadets and IDEALS program, with the opportunity for these activities to contribute to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We have a proud tradition of service with the Australian Arm Cadet Corps and students joining our Cadet Unit develop leadership, communication and survival skills that serve them well in later life, as well as lasting bonds of friendships transcending year levels and campuses. 

Our IDEALS Program* is based on the pillars we uphold as a Round Square school and being part of an international network committed to international understanding, and educating through service both at home and overseas. Our IDEALS Program focuses on the attribute of an Ivanhoe Learner, through the development of skills and attitudes which are directly relatable to real life. 

* currently, the IDEALS Program is not an option for students returning to Plenty Campus at the end of Year 9.