Ivanhoe Diploma

Ivanhoe Diploma - What is it?

The Ivanhoe Diploma is an innovative and exciting program for all Ivanhoe students from Years 10 to 12. Students participate in a number of learning and leadership activities, both within and outside the School covering a broad range of areas. These include creative pursuits, physical activity, civic engagement, intercultural understanding and leadership. Students keep a personal portfolio of their achievements and activities over their senior years at the School which are then assessed by a team of teachers.

The program is voluntary and is structured so students can design their own program, based on their skills, passions and interests. Students who already participate in programs outside the School can also get these approved to be counted towards the Diploma.

What's in it for me?

  • Life-changing experiences
  • Travel and adventure
  • Connecting with your community
  • Making a difference
  • Broadening your outlook on the world

How does it work?

Over Years 10 to 12 students participate in a wide variety of programs, many already running at the School.

There are five essential elements of the program which students must complete and accrue 180 hours in total:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Physical Activity
  • Civic Engagement
  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Leadership and Responsibility

For each section, students are able to choose the type of activity that best suits their interests.

What will you Learn?

Through participation in the program, students will gain valuable skills over a broad range of areas including:

  • Problem-solving
  • Self-discipline and persistence
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Commitment and seeing a task through to its end
  • Helping Others
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Developing an understanding and empathy for other cultures
  • Understanding other people’s perspectives
  • Mentoring
  • Leading
  • Showing initiative


Participating in the various activities that form part of the Ivanhoe Diploma will open your eyes to other experiences and may assist you to choose a future career or pathway.

Daniel Proietto (OIG ’96)

Board Member – Partner Lander & Rogers Lawyers


My career was certainly strengthened by having had a range of experiences in public and community life. As an employer, in a legal firm, we look for well-rounded people and not just those who are gifted academically. Those with a broad view of the world and community life, in general, can usually be more effective in solving problems and being a more effective contributor in the workplace.

Michael Gorton AM (OIG ’76)

Principal – Russell Kennedy Lawyers


Getting Started

Students work with their Mentor who will help them formulate their Award Program and will work with them to achieve the Diploma by the end of Year 12.

Design Your Award Program

After the Award Program is designed, a plan is developed and students commence their program by keeping a record of all of their activities in their personal portfolios. This is regularly reviewed and assessed by the student’s Mentor.

At the end of Year 12, students submit their personal portfolios to their Mentor for assessment. A panel of teachers assess the portfolios and then participants attend a brief meeting to present and discuss their achievements.

What are you waiting for?

The Diploma is flexible and students can base their program around their skills, passions and interests. Students gain valuable skills and gain an Award that recognises their commitment.

What else is there?

Participants could also qualify for an Ivanhoe Diploma with Honours if they commit to more than the required hours of participation in each area. Once the Action Plan is complete, students can discuss the possibility of achieving Honours with their Mentor.