Senior Years 10-12

Senior Years at Ivanhoe Grammar School

As students enter the Senior Years they are able to select a course of study, which not only caters for their interests, but is also consistent with their abilities. This three-year program allows students to tailor a program to meet their needs for current learning and future pathways. 

Year 10 provides a smooth transition into either the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB). 

In Year 10 all students study a core program of: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities: Australian and Global Perspectives, Physical Education and Life Matters. In Humanities, the subject Australian and Global Perspectives includes the study of VCE Global Politics Unit 2. In addition, two electives are studied for the year. Students may select from Year 10 electives or from a host of VCE Units 1/2 studies.

For students who choose to follow the VCE path, they complete their Certificate across three years. Individual student programs are designed to meet student needs and abilities. It is possible for Year 11 students to study up to two Unit 3/4 subjects and some Year 12 students take the option of studying a University extension subject. 

Overview of Year 10 and VCE subjects

Faculty Year 10 core subjects Year 10 Electives Units 1/2 Units 3/4
English English Literature English English
  English (EAL)   English (EAL) English (EAL)
      Literature Literature

Advanced Mathematics or

  Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods

  Main Mathematics or   General Mathematics Specialist Mathematics
  General Mathematics   Specialist Mathematics Futher Mathematics
Science Science   Biology Biology
      Chemistry Chemistry
      Physics Physics
      Psychology Psychology
Humanities Humanities: Australian and Global Perspectives   History History
      Geography Geography
        Global Politics
Health & Physical Education Physical Education   Health & Human Development

Health & Human Development


Physical Education


Physical Education


Languages   French French French
    Japanese Japanese SL Japanese SL
      Chinese FL Chinese FL
Commerce   Commerce Accounting Accounting
      Business Management Business Management
      Economics Economics
      Legal Studies Legal Studies
The Arts   Visual Arts Studio Arts Studio Arts
    Music  Music Performance Music Performance
    Drama Theatre Studies Theatre Studies

VisualCommunication Design

VisualCommunication Design

VisualCommunication Design

Technology   Product Design & Technology

Product Design & Technology


Product Design & Technology


      Computing Computing: Software Development


The IB Diploma Program

The focus of this two-year program is the education of the whole person. It is based on a combination of the principles of:

  • enquiry-based learning
  • academic rigour
  • critical thinking

The curriculum for the IB Diploma is shown in the following diagram. The emphasis of the curriculum is to study a broad range of subjects thus keeping options open for future study. The six curriculum areas of the circle are studied in addition to completing the three central elements. 

In order to be eligible for the award of the IB Diploma, students must:

  • study six academic subjects, one from each of the six subject groups (or for Group 6 you may choose to do one more subject from either Group 3 or Group 4). Three of these subjects must be taken at a Higher Level and the remainder at Standard Level.
  • complete requirements of the three central elements: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS ).

Subjects offered at Ivanhoe Grammar School

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature: English Literature, Chinese Literature

Group 2 - Language Acquisition: French, Japanese, ab initio Indonesian, English

Group 3 - Individuals and Societies: Economics, History, Psychology, Business Management

Group 4 - Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences

Group 5 - Mathematics, Mathematics Studies

Group 6 - The Arts: Music, Visual Arts