Leading with Learning

The innovative use of technology to enrich and enable learning is a way of life for students and staff at all campuses.  Flexible technology options such as iPads, cameras and laptops support a rich and diverse curriculum that drives to transform the learning experience for all members of our school community. 

Our 1:1 iPad (Years 5 & 6) and Notebook programs (Years 7-12) provide each student with personal access to a technology medium that harnesses creativity, promotes critical thinking, allows for increased collaboration and provides a platform to communicate.  The planning and development of curriculum by staff is driven by the learning, with technology being used to provide increased possibilities to deepen and develop the thinking and understandings of students. 


  • An original student news program created collaboratively by Year 4 students put a modern day spin on an enquiry into the Early Explorers of Australia.  Using green screens, teleprompts and built completely on an iPad, students were able to deepen their understanding and communicate this vision clearly.
  • The Year 9 Urban Program culminated in a Film Festival that showcased original iBooks, documentaries and music videos that captured student knowledge and understanding of a chosen historical element of early 20th century Richmond.

Learning How to be When Online

Developing online learners who have the capacity to successfully manage their online presence and experience is of paramount importance in this digital age and this skill and behaviour development is built into the fabric of our school curriculum. Whether it be in the form of a classroom session during Life Matters or a new blog post on our Cyber Safety facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/CyberSafeParents, staff, students and parents at Ivanhoe Grammar School work together to be digitally savvy and aware.

Forever Learning

In an age of constant digital change, our staff complete regular formal and informal professional learning designed to increase their digital skills, capacities and knowledge.  Celebrating innovative practice and ideas through forums such as Connect-ED, our staff Professional Learning e-newsletter and eLearning showcases assists to inspire staff, spark great educational dialogue and further enhance the teaching and learning of all staff.