Students join the Cadet Unit in Year 9 and undertake a year of basic recruit training. The skills learnt are military movements, navigation and communication skills and the ability to live in a bush environment comfortably.

At the end of Year 9, Cadets are selected to undertake their first peer leadership program called a Corporal’s Course. Here students learn leadership and instruction techniques.

In Year 10 the junior leader then has responsibility for a group of up to seven Year 9 Cadets. Further leadership courses can be undertaken leading to the Cadet Under Officer’s Course when in Year 12.  Here the platoons of up to 30 Cadets have one Year 12 student as their senior leader supported by leaders in Years 10 and 11.

This is a major leadership opportunity and provides unique opportunities for students in Year 12 to exercise real leadership skills.

The Cadet Unit provides opportunities for both young men and women to undertake leadership skills training which will complement their academic progress as they develop through the school and into further studies or employment.